In autumn, Hiking Mythological any of its fields to collect different species of mushrooms.

Ornithological Reserve "Laguna de El Oso. " Birding throughout the year from its observatories: ducks, cranes, geese, herons ... among many other birds.

The farmhouse" La lagunilla " network belong to the lodging of the Triune Project Junta de Castilla y León.

Horse trails and courses, in La Moraña: Riding Club " El Valle ", Gotarrendura 649 44 02 76 y 609 61 34 66.

Paintball in Cardeñosa:, 630 48 66 77 y 920 26 00 67.

Castro of Cogotas in Cardeñosa.



  • Castro Vettones of the Bureau of Miranda, where knowing the history and landscape of the Sierra of Ávila. Archaeological Hall also is a must in addition to the fort..
  • Castro Vettones of Cogotas in Cardeñosa.
  • Archaeological Site of " los Henrrenes", Cillán.
  • Necrópolis medieval of " la Coba ", San Juan del Olmo.
  • Madrigal de las Altas Torres: Isabel la Católica´s birthplace .
  • The mills in the town of Zorita de los Molinos, where the owner still teaches as grinding grain.
  • Ethnographic Museum " López Berrón " in Gotarrendura: a picturesque place full of memories of yesteryear. Can also be seen paintings of this painter of Avila.
  • Santiago´s road in the province of Ávila: southeast part of the way and provides a new way to discover the richness and uniqueness of the landscape. Through several villages in La Moraña: Cardeñosa, Peñalba de Ávila, Gotarrendura, Hernansancho, Villanueva de Gómez,... hasta Arévalo.
  • Gotarrendura: Santa Teresa´s loft , where he played the Saint.
  • Cereal House Museum in Arévalo.
  • The city of Ávila, World Heritage city and accessible city: monumental site formed by the walls, cathedral, churches, Renaissance palaces, ...
  • Mudejar Route: result of a merger between Arab and Christian cultures.

Farmhouse" La Lagunilla ". 12 Laguna Street. El Oso ( Ávila ) - Spain - . Telephone: +34 920-261-176 / 689-875-218.