At the southern end of the sedimentary basin of the Douro River, bordering the foothills of the north face of the Central System, expanding the soft land that makes up the region of the Moraña, within which lies the Bear. It is located 22 km away to the Capital Abulense, and is 894 m high, with 18 km2 of surface.

Moraña is an area characterized by the presence of young people living on agriculture, whose landscape is dominated by cereal plains dotted with small pine trees and well-preserved banks that favor the presence of the species that have earned him the statement SPA (Special Protection Area for birds), part of its territory, not comprising this qualification at the end of the bear.

name of the bear from a granite animal called 'the bear'. Its place of origin is unknown, but around 1250 the Boar Bear in the village is mentioned in the allocation of income of Cardinal Gil Torres to the Church and Bishop of Avila. Legend has it that a pack of bears going through the neighborhood, when one swerved and ended up being killed by the servants of the place.

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Farmhouse " La Lagunilla ". 12 Laguna Street. El Oso ( Ávila ) - Spain - . Telephone: +34 920-261-176 / 689-875-218.